Mexico is an amazing and diverse country rich in cultural history, modern art, politics, and archaeological sites. In addition, there are natural wonders in the vicinity to be discovered, and it’s a great spot to take a trip.
With over 120 million residents in Mexico. With so many beautiful places to visit in Mexico, deciding on which to go can be a challenge. If you’re looking to narrow your choices, check out the complete list of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico.

Cancun – Best Places To Visit In Mexico For Couples

Cancun is among the most popular places to visit in Mexico. It is a paradise for beach lovers and gorgeous hotels. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an exquisite resort or celebration. Cancun has what you require. Remember to carry all important things with you when visit Mexico. 

1. The Riviera Maya

To the south of Cancun, You’ll find The Riviera Maya, a stretch of Caribbean coastline in Yucatan. While most tourists will be at Cancun, there are fewer who go to The Riviera Maya, allowing less restricted access to its beautiful beaches.
There are many popular resort cities on The Riviera Maya. Some of them include Tulum along with Playa del Carmen. Cancun is the largest among the three. It’s a city and is even located on the beach. There are numerous hotels along with the beachfront and many other travelers. It’s a relaxing place. However, you’ll be unable to escape the urban atmosphere unless you go to

2. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a large city, having a population of nearly 200k. However, it’s far more relaxing than Cancun but still has luxury resorts available. So, in the end, Tulum, the smallest of three, is a good choice for those who love environmental tourism and nature instead of staying in luxury hotels. With just about a dozen thousand, Tulum doesn’t have all the splendor of Cancun. However, there are plenty of parks and nature-based activities close by.

3. Baja California – Famous As A Nightlife Destination

Tourists coming from Europe and the East Coast may find it easier to fly into Mexico City or Cancun. But those who are from the West Coast often drive down to San Diego and cross the border with Mexico by crossing the land border into Baja California. In addition, many travel to San Diego and go straight to Baja, California.

Baja California is a Mexican state located right underneath California. It is possible to cross the border from San Diego to Tijuana. It is simple and fast to cross the border by car or on foot.

Instead of spending all of your time in border towns like Tijuana, go further south towards the port city of Ensenada, and you’ll find delicious restaurants and a charming center, and nature trails. If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, visit Rosarito, about 25 minutes away from Tijuana and where you can take in clean beaches and fresh air. Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might consider a trip to the state that is Baja California Sur. It is also possible to travel to La Paz, the state’s capital, Cabo San Lucas’s tourist town, or just Cabo and Los Cabos. You can sunbathe on the sand in Cabo or stroll along the gorgeous promenades.

When you’re in Baja, California, you can think about taking flights to other areas of Mexico. Even though it’s situated on the west coast, Tijuana is well-connected with Oaxaca or Mexico City. Cancun may take longer and could require an extra visit to Mexico City to get there.

The advantage of doing this is that domestic flights to Mexico are usually cheaper compared to those from the US to Mexico. Additionally, there is an airport located in Tijuana, a border bridge that can take straight back to the US; many people find it a good alternative.

4. Mexico City – Best Vacation Spots

Mexico City - Best Vacation Spots

Are you able to decide if Mexico City will be on your list of possible places to visit? It depends on your kind of travel. Many people find that CDMX (Ciudad of Mexico (also known as Mexico City) is simply an entry point to the remainder of Mexico as a destination to spend a night, two, or perhaps for a short time before flying off to Cancun or traveling into one of the country’s most beautiful towns.

It’s an enormous city with a population that is more than 21 million within The Greater Mexico City area. There’s congestion, traffic pollution, even criminality. But, CDMX has a lot to provide. It’s the capital city of Mexico and has a wide array of culinary options in its fine dining establishments and popular street tacos at approximately 1 cent each. It’s an internationally oriented city with a contemporary business district. However, there’s also a beautiful historical center where automobiles are usually prohibited from driving.

As you’d think, there are a lot of places to visit in Mexico City city, like Coyoacan’s Frida Kahlo Museum and the Leon Trotsky Museum, both situated in Coyoacan. In general, tourists reside in two distinct areas, La Condesa/Roma and Coyoacan. The neighboring neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma have wide boulevards lined with trees, great nightlife, and numerous eateries. It has a contemporary feel and is close to the historical center and financial district. Coyoacan is a little farther away, but it has an authentic and local experience. With its cobblestone-paved roads, it is possible to sit in one of the cafés and enjoy your morning before exploring the many museums in the area.

Another area worth a look at is Polanco. Although it is considered one of the most “posh” and upscale districts within the city, many expats have chosen to make Polanco their home. In general, these three neighborhoods are safe with a 24/7 police presence and very low crime rates.

5. San Juan Teotihuacan (The Pyramids)

If you’ve ever looked at an itinerary brochure for Mexico, You’ve likely seen photos of the famous pyramids. Many travelers fly into CDMX to visit these sites; they’re only within a short distance, and you can do it yourself on your own or a trip.
San Juan Teotihuacan includes the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, but it’s far from being limited to these two structures. Instead, it’s an archeological site that was left from prehistoric times.

6. The Mayan Ruins

If you’re interested in history and want to see some Mayan ruins along with Teotihuacan, it is a must. Even if archeology doesn’t intrigue you, they’re nonetheless worth visiting.

There are numerous ruins across Mexico because the Mesoamerican civilization spanned a large portion of the country. So no matter which region of the nation you’re traveling to, you’ll likely find something of a ruin close by. These ruins are remnants of the cities that the Mayans constructed.

If you’re in Yucatan, take a look at taking a trip to Chichen Itza, one of the most popular and visited archaeological sites. It is accessible by bus from Cancun. If you’re located in Tulum, The Tulum ruin will be right, too.

7. The Magical Towns (Pueblos Magicos)

In Mexico are the Pueblos Magicos, or “magical towns.” These charming towns have a magical vibe of their own, a relaxing atmosphere, and beautiful architecture. Many are within driving distance of Mexico City, such as Cholula in Puebla.

8. San Miguel De Allende

San Miguel De Allende

A charming town just 150 miles (ca. 241 kilometers) away from Mexico City is San Miguel de Allende. A monk established the city. As a result, San Miguel de Allende isn’t awash with traffic lights, making it possible to feel Mexico as the “real Mexico.”
However, it’s increasing quickly as investors acquire land and create resorts, so be sure to check it before it becomes crowded in the coming decade.

9. Oaxaca

Another best place to visit in Mexico is Oaxaca. Oaxaca is a peaceful city with numerous restaurants, bars, and vibrant markets. The vibrant buildings and single-way cobblestone streets could inspire you to stay for the rest of your life.
Consider a trip to the mountains surrounding Oaxaca. There are numerous tiny towns with clean air and no visitors. Based on the time of year, it’s quite colder in Oaxaca and the surrounding areas. So, make sure to wear the appropriate coat or sweater. It’s walkable, and you’re able to hire a taxi or rideshare for those who need to travel farther away.

10. Puerta Vallarta – Best Resort Town In Mexico

Puerta Vallarta

It is located two hours away by car, only a few hours away from Oaxaca. Puerta Vallarta couldn’t be more different. In contrast to being in the middle of mountains, you’ll be able to enjoy the ocean breeze and stroll along the beach as the sunsets.
You can rent a motorbike and go away from the city; however, make sure you’re certified and have the proper knowledge to ride one.


You’ll certainly have many adventures and wonderful experiences while on your journey through the list of most beautiful places to visit in Mexico. I hope this article can help you plan your next trip to Mexico. Mexico is a vast land, therefore don’t think you’ll be able to go through everything in just one trip. If you are planning a trip for a short time, pick a couple of spots to enjoy them in-depth instead of wandering around but not being able to absorb all the sounds, sights, and delicious flavors of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico.

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