The best family vacation spots in NJ are the ones where you can enjoy a range of activities for people of all ages. From water parks to zoos, there are plenty of options that will keep everyone happy and entertained at the same time.

The state is filled with natural beauty and plenty of things for families to do together. You can find fun attractions, educational opportunities, or just enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

Are you tired of following your hectic routine? Most probably you are! Now, it’s the time to plan a family vacation as all of you need some quality time with each other. If you wish to spend peaceful family vacations on the beaches along the coastline, you should go for a place none other than the state of New Jersey.

In this article, I will guide you through a number of best family vacation spots in New Jersey. Starting from all the greenery in the countryside and bewildering ancient towns, to endless adventurous activities and sensational beaches, New Jersey has got unlimited options of spots that can make your family vacation enjoyable.

We know you cannot wait more to explore the beauty of this magnificent state so Let’s start!

Best Family Vacation Spots In New Jersey – Top Places to Visit!

Have a look at some top attractions in New Jersey:

1. Cape May

Cape May New Jersey

Cape May is one of the most popular vacation spots in New Jersey. The place has a rich history and mind-blowing Victorian mansions. The Centre of the town has shops and restaurants. The antique shops and farmer’s market further makes it a ‘must go to’ spot.

Cape May also has peaceful beaches with white sand. Mostly, the best way to get around Cape May is to rent a bike and enjoy riding and exploring all around.

2. Princeton

Princeton New Jersey

There is no doubt that you will have a very unique experience when you will explore the downtown area of Princeton University. The local museum located here gives the picture of the historical era of the town. Just walking around the Princeton University campus will make you feel like you are a part of history.

3. Newark

If you are really into exploring the cultural treasures and museums, you should definitely visit Newark. Newark has the largest museum in the entire state with the biggest venues for entertainment. The museum has a huge collection of gems related to science and small art galleries.

The city of Newark is often called as the ‘heart’ of the state. Other than the historical charms and cultural treasures, the natural beauty of the place is just outstanding.

4. Trenton

If you love to explore historic beauty, fun parks, and educational spots, this is the place for you. Trenton is one of the best vacation spots in New Jersey. The Capital of New Jersey is not just famous for its historical attraction but also for all the delicious food.

The parks are absolutely classic and picture-perfect. You just cannot stop yourself from capturing unlimited snaps. Trenton is a city full of surprises. The most interesting part about Trenton is its jumping-off point. So, if you are enough daring and adventurous, you should definitely keep Trenton city of New Jersey on your list.

5. Jersey City

Jersey City New Jersey

Jersey City provides all the urban adventure you might have wished for. This city is a perfect blend of art galleries, parks, and cultural places. The Liberty State Park is a must visit for any nature lover.

The city is home to different types of cuisine. The delicious food options make it one of the best cities to visit on your family vacations.

The Liberty Science Centre located in Jersey City is one of its most interesting educational attractions. You can enjoy educational tours of the museum along with spending time with your kids.

6. The Heritage Glass Museum

The Glassboro heritage glass museum is known for the production and preservation of a huge variety of glass showpieces with different colors, sizes, and styles.

The glass industry was built here in early 1779 and the reason for building this industry at this particular region was the presence of sand that was of very high quality.

Since New Jersey is located along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, there are a number of beach vacation spots throughout the state. Let’s take a look into the best family beach vacation spots in New Jersey

Best Family Beach Vacation Spots in New Jersey

1. Ocean city

The ocean city offers a variety of family-friendly attractions featuring beachside fun, and theme parks. Ocean City has also been termed as ‘America’s greatest family resort’. The beach at the ocean city has sparkling sand, and the sun shining on the waves adds to the beauty of the beach.

Safety has been ensured by the presence of the lifeguards. The environment at the ocean city is highly family-friendly. Ocean City has the most beautiful beach resorts in New Jersey.

2. Asbury Park

An energetic beach side town containing a variety of family friendly amenities, if this is what you are looking for, then visit the Asbury Park. It not only has a sandy extension and sea front, the place is highly attractive for kids as well.

The Asbury Park is one of the favorite spots for swimmers, fishermen, surfers and for taking sunbaths. The place is perfect for dining in as well as for shopping. The nightlife at Asbury Park is vibrant and colorful. It’s definitely a go-to spot, milling around the Asbury Park boardwalk is fun.

3. Wildwoods

If you want to enjoy a bright and colorful tourist town. You should opt for the Wildwoods. This city is noted for its water parks plus amusement parks along the beach. Wildwoods is the vacation spot that is jam-packed with fun, action, and uncountable activities.

If you love adventurous rides, fun-packed and thrilling water parks along with the splash zones, visit wild woods. Furthermore, the doo-wop and seaport aquarium add to the indoor attractions of the Wildwoods. This is one of the best family vacation spots in New Jersey.

4. Atlantic City

Apart from family holiday spots and resorts, there are plenty of resorts in New Jersey for couples. Yes, make your kids sleep early and get ready for a romantic date. The Atlantic city in New Jersey is often termed as ‘Resort city’.

The Atlantic City has various resorts and casinos. The beaches and boardwalk add to the beauty of the place. Gambling in casinos and sports betting is legal in Atlantic City. Moreover, there are a number of nightclubs here, so the entertainment continues all night long.

5. Seaside heights

The sparkling white sand and the cool bluish-green waves of the sea at the seaside heights will give an everlasting soothing effect to your eyes. The boardwalk is occupied with an amusement park, the food street offers a variety of cuisines, and the place has got everything that would make your holidays full of excitement and joy.

A holiday destination with miles and miles of shiny golden shoreline, long peaceful boardwalks, soothing view of sea waves, as far as you can see. A place with a variety of breathtaking amusements parks, museums, cultural and historical treasures, perfect resorts for couples as well as families, night clubs, casino resorts, and whatnot. Just name it and you have got it there, yes, right there in the beautiful state of New Jersey.

Final Words

New Jersey has much more to offer. If you are looking for family beaches, resorts, and vacation spots then New Jersey is the perfect spot.

Hope you enjoyed our list of Best Family Vacation Spots In New Jersey. Do let us know if we missed out something, and we will include it in our list.

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