Are you on the hunt for a place that is perfect for traveling along with your toddler? In this article, we will explore some of the best places to travel with toddlers in the US.

Going on holiday is something that nearly everybody loves. Regardless, if you have a baby, then the idea of going on vacations might not sound fun.

There are several things to put up with and pack up while you have a toddler with you on your vacations.

The patterns of sleeping, eating, exploring around, and having fun, are all at the mercy of the little chipmunks. Yes, that’s true! You have to set everything up according to your lovely little toddlers.

However, various destinations in the USA are particularly designed for you and you’re toddlers to spend time and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

So, do not worry if you are going to travel with your little one, I am going to make it fun for you. Let’s find out where to vacation with toddlers in the US.

7 Best Places To Travel With Toddlers In The USA

1. North Conway, USA

North Conway, USA

Since north Conway is a white mountainous area, the view is mindblowing. Make sure that you have a car when you visit here. It is preferable to book a room with a  balcony so that you can enjoy the sight of natural beauty.North Conway is located in the white mountain area of New Hampshire. North Conway has a variety of restaurants. The hotel amenities include breakfast from the restaurant, swimming pools, gaming zones, and a gymnasium.

Well, coming towards the main topic. If your little munchkin is with you on your trip to North Conway, believe me, you are at the right spot. Just keep a stroller with you. Your toddler will love strolling along the long trails.

Moreover, the greatest attraction for the kids at North Conway is the Storyland. Story and has lots of fun-filled activities and rides for your toddlers, such as Cinderella’s pumpkin coach. They also have roller coaster-type rides and pirate ships for older kids. Storyland has theatre shows and a mini zoo. If your toddler loves cars, you can have him pretend to drive mini tractors and antique cars.

There is also a train ride that goes around a park where there are life-size models of dinosaurs. No doubt, your toddler is going to have never-ending fun, here at North Conway.

2. San Diego, California, USA

There appears to be no shortage of options to do and view out there with your children in San Diego. Everything in San Diego proves that it is a perfect treat for both, kids and parents.

Try kayaking into the La Jolla Sea Caves for some water fun, or simply wander around the magnificent, green Balboa park. The San Diego zoo and the sea world are must-go-to places when you visit San Diego. It is a perfect spot to enjoy kid-friendly vacations.

3. Durham, Newyork, USA


Durham is a toddler-friendly retreat that provides a shedload of old-school adventure. It is one of the top favorite toddler-friendly places in the US. Families vacationing in Durham have variety of things to do, if your family loves outdoor activities, do not forget to visit the super cute Hull-O petting farm. You can also have an amazing kid-friendly hiking experience with your children.

Experience the breathtaking adventure at Zoom Flume Water Park. Your children will definitely enjoy the exciting rides, exploring the theme park there is fun itself.

4. Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA

Langhorne is a good option when you suddenly plan mini-vacations at the weekend. It is located just a few miles away from Philadelphia.

The downtown of the place has a variety of shopping outlets, so mums, do not worry! You are really going to enjoy it. Going towards toddler-friendly spots over here, well they have a Sesame place where your toddlers can meet the Sesame Street gang, like Elmo, Bert, and others. Moreover, your toddler is going to love all those rides and the games that are meant to be for the little ones.

5. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The lovely city of Indianapolis, with glistening canals, green areas, and racing cars during the Indy race, is one of the best places to travel with a baby. When you are in the city, book a room in the top all-inclusive resorts for toddlers.

Remember to visit the children’s museum at Indianapolis, your toddler will love the place as it has a lot of things to play with, plus it has got a variety of constructive and learning activities. Believe it or not, your toddler would never want to leave the place.

The statewide races and fast automobiles are some of the greatest entertainments of Indianapolis. Moreover, if your little one is daring and adventurous, make them try ‘Shark petting’ at the Indianapolis zoo.

6. Carlsbad, California, USA

Where to travel in the US with a 1-year-old baby? Is it a question that is bothering you? Well, the tension is over now. Carlsbad in California is the place.

The amazing beach resorts in Carlsbad offer sand toys and boogie boards for your little cutie pies. They provide everything, like complimentary swim diapers, to make your vacations comfortable and enjoyable with your babies.

The rooms are spacious, moreover, the resorts offer suites with one or two bedrooms so that once you make your baby sleep, you can enjoy your own time watching a movie or playing games. The courtyard has a variety of activities for families, you can also meet other families with their babies over here. No doubt, it is one of the best places to visit with a 1-year-old baby.

7. Stowe, Vermont, USA

If you want to visit a nature-gifted play area for your babies, you are at the perfect place. Stowe at Vermont has a wide range of fun-filled activities for your toddlers and older children.

You can play hide and seek in the bushes, go hiking, climb trees with your little ones, thus letting them experience the never-ending beauty of nature. The pure air from the mountains is miraculously beneficial for your baby’s physical and mental health. Not only you, but your kid will also have a unique, fresh and healthy experience at Stowe.

Believe me, just plan it the right way, and you will have the most exciting vacations with your toddlers in the US. Make sure that the destinations you are opting for are safe for you and your toddler, pack things carefully but do not overpack; you will get the necessary things almost everywhere.

Remember, your tiny munchkin is your source of joy; it’s a blessing to have him wherever you go.

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