Dubai Travel Guide | Best Places To Visit & Travel Advice

Dubai travel guide is probably one of the United Arab Emirates’ key states and a strong international player located in the Persian Gulf, sharing its boundaries with Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Oman. Whether you want to fly in or fly out on Emirates, Dubai can be a mesmerizing stopover destination in your travel. It is a familiar concept to cover Dubai in the break of a few hours during a trip from east to west and vice versa. Dubai offers a surprising number of things to add value to your travel, causing you to spend much more time on it than planned.

Dubai is surrounded by a wonderful blend of old and new, with visitors from almost every nationality; thus, it offers a unique diversity in its environment. You can find conservative customs in a few city areas and modern culture exposure in other parts. In the early stage of your tour, you may have the misconception that you can complete Dubai after touring Burj Khalifa and few shopping malls, but that is not the case.

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Dubai is a lot more than merely a stopover now and transformed into one of the most prominent tourist destinations. Therefore, any world travel guide is incomplete without including Dubai. So we shall try to create a lucid image of Dubai as a fascinating tourist destination by showcasing the best places to visit along with some travel tips and tricks you can use in the city.

Dubai Travel Guide For Beginners

Best Time to Visit:

When we talk about the Persian Gulf, one obvious thing that comes to mind is that you are looking for the best travel guide for Dubai, as the best time to visit Dubai is in the summer. It means that all the places in this region, including Dubai, are scorching in summer and therefore not very comfortable to visit in summer. Although you can find air conditioning at every site and even at very economical accommodations, it is still not favorable to visit in summer because you need to travel outside to reach any tourist destination.

Therefore, the most recommended time to visit Dubai is in the winter season. Being less extreme in winter, Dubai provides optimum conditions to visit every place from the desert safari to the heights of the largest building in the world.

Deeply analyzing the conditions and previous data, November to April is the most appropriate time to visit Dubai. Along with many other reasons like better temperature, less extreme environment, etc. Another reason to visit Dubai is the famous Dubai shopping festival, which is in January and February.

That is the reason that these two months witness the heaviest tourist traffic in Dubai, and you will find the whole city alive when you visit in this portion of winter. We can provide the following division of the year to explain the best time to visit to make your decision easier.

November to March:

The weather tends to get better as the temperature starts to get lower from November. Almost all kinds of outdoor activities would be available for you in this season till March when the temperature would begin to rise again. Since this is the peak time in Dubai due to pleasant conditions, you would find hotel rooms, food, and transport expensive this season.


This season is particularly favorable for indoor activities as the temperature starts to rise in April and then remains hot and humid till October.


The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. But English is most widely used in the whole city. All necessary signals, sites, hotels, and shopping malls have English guidelines and Arabic to ease a substantial international touristic community.


The currency of Dubai is written as “AED.” 1US$ is approximately equal to 3.6 AED.

Banks and ATM coverage

The most common and easily bank accessible in Dubai is the Dubai Islamic Bank. You can find ATM facilities of the before-mentioned bank in almost all shopping malls and hotspots in Dubai. You would have to use AED currency during and sale or purchase, but you can still use your Debit card in shopping and restaurants.


Like any travel, you should maintain all safety measures in check in both situations, before packing your bag to Dubai and during the tour. The most important safety checks are; keeping your passport and travel documents safe, pondering over any particular changes in health conditions, keeping using sunscreen and cooling lotions if you are in Dubai in summer, and beware of pickpockets.

Top 10 Places to visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

You got to visit Dubai, and if you missed out on visiting Burj Khalifa, it would most likely be jaw-breaking news for anyone. Any travel guide is incomplete without a tour of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. A structure of approximately 830 meters in height preserves a unique captivation, which is felt by standing on the 124th floor.

Dubai Aquarium

This massive aquarium is situated on the Dubai mall’s ground floor and houses more than 140 colorful species of fish and other sea animals. The Aquarium’s main tank holds 10 million liters of water and provides an incredibly charming environment to the visitors of Dubai Mall.

The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a human-made island that looks like a palm tree due to its shape. It is a beautiful place to visit Dubai’s true elite nature, indicated by the famous Atlantis Hotel and colorful beaches. You may find the world’s largest water slide in the park and can experience the best spots for leisure and family time.


Being one of the oldest parts of Dubai, you’ll be able to locate several exciting and historical points of interest in Deira. The twisting roads and cultural look of the area will fascinate you after meeting with people that call Dubai home. Most famous for its souks, or markets, it’s a world away from Dubai Mall.


Though it cannot compete with the challenging heights of Burj Khalifa, it is the highest hotel in the world. It is located at its dedicated islands and attracts massive tourism every day.

Dubai Mall

Dwelling more than 1200 shops and stores, Dubai Mall is the most visited mall in Dubai by national and international tourism. Along with endless shopping opportunities, it is also a way of entering the Burj Khalifa and gazing at the underwater world of Dubai Aquarium.

Dubai Museum

It is considered the foremost museum of Dubai and therefore regarded as the top cultural attraction of Dubai. It is in the stunning sand-colored Al-Fahidi Fort built in the late 1700s to defend Dubai Creek.


Bastakia is considered the true representative of Emirati heritage. This district was built in the nineteenth century on Dubai Creek and is mostly the same since then. Narrow historic lanes, wind towers on roofs to maintain buildings cool in summer; you can find historical sites here.

Dubai Fountain

The travel guide is complete when you visit Burj Khalifa in the morning, spend your noon shopping in Dubai mall, enjoy your evening with aqua-culture in the aquarium and beautify your night with a spectacular view of the fountain at night. The illuminated jets move in time to popular musical numbers from around the world.

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Dubai Creek

Dubai creek is a vital part of both ancient and modern Dubai. On the north of the stream, you can find Deira and see Burj Khalifa in the south. Dubai creek is the real deal to visit on a dhow cruise and feel Dubai’s authentic ambiance.

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