Are you planning a holiday trip to West Virginia with your family? The fun-filled family resorts in West Virginia are highly recommended.

They are full of every kind of fun stuff. From sports and gaming zones to indoor and outdoor water parks, you will find everything in these resorts. These family-friendly resorts ensure that tourists of all ages enjoy quality time in West Virginia. So, whether you are looking for luxury or family fun, you have got them both there.

Best Family Resorts in West Virginia

Let’s have a look at some of our favorite family resorts in West Virginia.

1. Timberline Four Seasons Resort, Davis, WV

Timberline West Virginia

This 30-year-old family resort in West Virginia offers a variety of fun-filled activities like mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, and chairlift rides. In winters, they also provide ski camps. As the name suggests, the resort offers activities all year long throughout every season while exhibiting the breathtaking natural beauty of the place.

2. Pipestem Resort State Park, Pipestem, WV

The Pipestem resort offers everything to turn your holidays into perfect mountain vacations. This resort park is often considered a family favorite because it has beautiful family picnic spots, swimming pools, and hiking trails. Moreover, you can experience the charm of the location by riding up the mountains. They also have a mini-golf court and horse-riding facilities.

3. ACE Adventure Resort, Oak Hill, WV

If you and your family are adventurous enough, then don’t miss your visit to ACE Adventure Resort in Oak Hill. Not only it has a friendly atmosphere for families and children, but you can also bring your pets along. From overnight camping to water rafting, you will get everything here to make your holiday experience memorable and outstanding.

4. Oglebay Resort and Conference Centre, Wheeling, WV

The Oglebay Resort offers a wide variety of fun-filled activities through the summer season. The activities include miniature golf, paddle boating, fishing, swimming, either in outdoor or indoor swimming pools since they have got them both. The resort has a huge playground for children. One of the most interesting and unique things about this resort is the presence of a historic mansion. The resort has a very good zoo; it has also got parks, walking, and jogging trails. In short, the Oglebay resort is an all-in-one place in West Virginia that you must visit with your family at least once.

5. Snowshoe Mountain Resort, Snowshoe, WV

Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Snowshoe mountain resort is one of the best family ski resorts in West Virginia. The resort I located at a very interesting location between the convergences of two mountains; therefore, the surrounding view is simply mind-blowing. The resort is full of winter activities, including skiing, mountain biking. The resort also offers convention and wedding halls. Snowshoe mountain resort has a golf club, indoor and outdoor pools.

6. Stonewall Resort, WV

The stonewall resort in West Virginia is located in the middle of lakes and hills. You could not take your eyes off the beautiful view that surrounds the Stonewall resort, WV. The experience here is highly luxurious with all sorts of comforts you ever wished for. Here, you can explore a huge variety of recreational activities, such as a golf course, the slip boat marina, huge swimming pools, and whatnot. The resort even owns a Laurel spa, so what are you waiting for, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy your vacations at such a beautiful place. So, hurry up! Book a room at Stonewall resort and have fun-filled family holidays.

Apart from Oglebay and Snowshoe Mountain resorts that we have already talked about, there are a number of resorts in West Virginia, which offers mountain skiing Facility. No wonder why West Virginia is called ‘Mountain state.’ Let me name some of the best family ski resorts in West Virginia.

  1. Canaan valley resort
  2. Winter place ski resort
  3. Wintergreen resort
  4. Bryce resort
  5. Omni homestead resort

These are extremely beautiful family-friendly ski resorts, with many snow activities like ice skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and more.

During vacations, sometimes you may go out of money. Under these circumstances, you might want to enjoy keeping the budget low. So let’s find out some cheap vacation spots in West Virginia, which can make your vacation-worthy, but in a budget-friendly manner.

Cheap vacation spots in West Virginia

Are you looking for an adventurous vacation, but you are low on budget? Don’t worry. I will provide you with a list of cheap vacation spots in West Virginia, which will not be heavy on your pockets, but you will definitely be having a whale of a time during your vacations.

  1. The Kruger Street toy and train museum
  2. Berkeley springs state park
  3. Heritage farm museum and village
  4. Black waterfall state park
  5. Beckley coal mine and museum
  6. The good zoo at Ogle Bay
  7. Gandy dancing theatre and conference Centre

These are some of the best places to visit in West Virginia. Just imagine a place covered with mountainous trees, surrounded by fresh blue lakes, beautiful natural beauty all around, plus a number of amazing places to visit. Indoor and outdoor fun-filled activities, amusement parks, ski resorts, luxury hotels, and a deep cultural and historical heritage. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? You can make this dream come true, plan your vacations to the dreamy destination, West Virginia, USA.

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