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When a traveler visits a new country, one of the most exciting parts of the visit is to taste different food and dishes. Our earth comprises of subcontinents, each of them has its own traditions, styles, modes of living, and different food. Our world of ours is full of tastes. Foods of the Sub-Continents are a necessary part of living organisms. So, the traveler should be eager to taste all the best and most famous food of the place he is visiting. Mostly in the winter season the root vegetables, Broccoli, oatmeal, and soup is taken and in the summer season mint, onions, green leafy vegetables, yogurt-related foods, and cold drinks are taken. But the traveler must take care of a few things before trying out food during his visit:

  • Look at the cleanliness of a place where you are buying food to avoid getting sick
  • Take notice of which items are being used in your food to avoid allergic reactions.
  • While visiting any restaurant or food stall, have a look at their menu and the cost of items, thus you can avoid going over budget while still being able to enjoy lots of food.

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Sub-Continents Foods Guide

East Asia food

The best-known East Asian Foods of the Sub-Continents areas are from China, Korea, and Japan. While rice is a staple element for each of them, flavors, meal planning, and cooking techniques significantly change depending on the area. Chinese nourishments incorporate soy, rice, tofu, and noodles. With a long history of therapeutic uses, conventional Chinese food has exceptionally affected cooking all through the entirety of Asia. In Korean cooking, the voyager will discover plentiful elements of rice, soy, garlic, red pepper chips, ginger, and vegetables. Hamburger is a prized fixing in Korean cooking. Japanese nourishments incorporate a lot of fish, tempura, rice, noodles, and their much-cherished miso soup.

South Asia food

Nourishments from the countries of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia are from the Southeast locale of Asia. A portion of the staple fixings from these countries is rice and new vegetables. In Vietnam, the food is firmly impacted my enthusiasm for wellbeing conventional Chinese medication. Here, you’ll discover a lot of rice, new foods are grown from the ground, lemongrass, and Thai basil. Thailand’s food is additionally exceptionally impacted by China. Think serious fragrance and zest, with differentiating flavors and surfaces, discontinuously presented with rice. In Cambodia, dinners frequently incorporate various dishes with a wide difference of surfaces and flavors—keeping the burger joint charmed with differentiating explosions of both inconspicuous and force of taste.

Central Asian food

This district Includes the country of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. While their food isn’t as mainstream as other Asian cooking styles, it has its particular social creativity. Sheep and dairy are essential staples in Kazakhstan. Also, in Tajikistan, you’ll discover pilaf and —a tasty dish made with rice, carrot, meat, olive oil, and delightful container drippings.

South Asian food

This region incorporates India and Pakistan. Fiery nourishment, rice, sheep, vegetables, yogurt-based sauces, and curry are noticeable here. Roti tortilla-like level bread) is regular in the two countries. Point of fact: There’s never an absence of flavor, or zest, with South Asian cooking

West Asian food

Here you’ll discover dishes from countries like Turkey and Syria. Normally utilized Ingredients in these countries are sheep, yogurt, and rice. Vigorously enhanced suppers are particularly relished.

In Turkey, dishes will in general spin around rice, meats (particularly sheep) new vegetables—like eggplant—and olive oil. In Syria, you’ll ordinarily discover suppers made with fixings like olive oil, new lemon, garlic, chickpeas, nectar, mint, and sheep.

Australia food

Australia is also named for its delicious taste in food. Here is some famous food in Australia, mentioned for the traveler, thus must have a try for this food.

Chicken Parmigiana

This great Aussie chicken dish – with establishes in Italian-American cooking – is a staple contribution on basically every bar menu in the nation. Initially, eggplant based (and these are as yet accessible for veggie lovers), it has advanced into a chicken schnitzel finished off with pureed tomatoes, dissolved cheddar, and, in case you’re feeling extravagant, prosciutto ham. This is commonly presented with a serving of mixed greens and chips, even though there’s a split between the individuals who figure the chips ought to be under the party and the individuals who figure they ought to be as an afterthought.


Barbecued snags (aka sausages)

It’s nothing unexpected that Aussies love to barbecue, and nothing is more critical to a decent barbie than a tolerable wiener – regardless of whether you’re at a mate’s place or your nearby Bunnings for a frankfurter sizzle. Conventional Australian frankfurters are typically pork or hamburger, however, in case you’re feeling gutsy, there are different creatures to test. Fold a cut of bread over your obstacle and finish it off with some singed onions and your preferred sauce.



Generally perceived as the ‘National Cake of Australia’ after the National Trust of Queensland cast a ballot this sweet treat an Australian symbol, named as it was after Lord Lamington, a previous Governor of Queensland.

The lamington is an unobtrusive square-molded wipe dunked in chocolate and covered with dried up coconut. Different varieties incorporate two layers and cream or jam filling – seen by numerous individuals as a fundamental expansion. They go consummately with a pleasant cup of bramble tea, or possibly one of Melbourne’s reality well-known espressos, are accessible in every single great pastry kitchen and bistros.


 A burger with ‘the lot’

If a tomato, lettuce, onions, and a delicious meat patty sufficiently isn’t a burger, at that point perhaps you should attempt the Aussie gut-buster with ‘the part’. Take a burger bun and stuff it with grilled meat, a plate of mixed greens, sauce, and, for the Australian bend, includes a cut of pineapple, some salted beetroot, and a seared egg. Flawless in the wake of a monotonous day surfing or unwinding on the seashore.



Both Australia and New Zealand make a case for developing this celebrated treat, made to pay tribute to the Russian ballet performer Anna Pavlova’s visit to Australasia during the 1920s. As an Australian after-supper sweet, the pavlova’s firm meringue covering, light natural product filling, and whipped cream beating guarantee it’s a family hit.


Barramundi Fish

Disregard fried fish and French fries, devour new Australian barramundi, a name which signifies ‘huge scaled waterway fish’ in the Aboriginal language in the

Rockhampton zone. Flame-broiled, singed, or burned skin-side first, it’s a lot more advantageous option in contrast to battered fish, and a genuine Aussie dinner.



Well, Europe is famous for its healthy and luscious food around them. It includes different foods which are number one for their taste, travelers must go to eat these foods. Here are mentioned some of the famous foods available in Europe in different weathers.

Arancini (Italy)

Arancini is a dish of stuffed rice balls. These rice balls are first coated in crunchy breadcrumbs and later fried giving it a golden brown look. The rice balls are stuffed usually with ragù, peas, melted mozzarella, and tomato sauce. This dish is a staple of Sicilian cuisine, but it can be found in other regions as well with multiple deviations. The regional specialty is made with different stuffing and shapes depending on the region the dish is prepared in.



Poland Pierogi

Pierogi is a Polish dumpling made from a noodle flour dough, and sometimes from a pastry flour dough, but to be honest it has limitless filling options only limited to your imagination. They are boiled in salty water and then either baked or deep-fried. Pierogi is one of the most common dishes in Poland, it can be found anywhere from regular food shops to hotels.


Belgium is famous for Waffles

Waffles are one of the most common North American breakfasts, it is also considered a dessert dish. Waffles are a Belgium national dish, there are two kinds of waffles; Liège waffles and Gaufre. Liège waffles are unevenly shaped and made with a thick, brioche-like dough that is sweetened with pearl sugar and baked in a specially designed waffle pan. Gaufre is delicious and fragrant waffles made with a thick dough or thin batter, the cakes are baked in a specially designed waffle iron which creates an unusual checkered pattern on the top and bottom of each cake.


Switzerland is famous for cheese fondue

Fondue is the most iconic dish in Switzerland, it is indelibly tied to the country’s history. This dish is a must-have for tourists and locals alike from autumn to spring.

Bosnia is famous for Cevapi

It is believed that cevapi was introduced to Bosnian cuisine through the ottoman empire. Cevapi can be found in almost any part of Bosnia. Although the most famous cevapi are from Travnik, Sarajevo, and Serbia. The main difference is in the way of baking and serving the dish. Some may contain less or more fat, they come in different sizes and they have different dressing. The Real Bosnian cevapi is unthinkable without raw onion.


Hungry is famous for Goulash

Goulash originated in medieval Hungary, it is a common meal in not only Hungary but also other parts of Europe. It is one of the national dishes and a symbol of the country. Although there are multiple ways. to prepare it, the main way is to make a soup using meat and vegetable usually seasoned with paprika and other spices.


Austria is famous for Palatschinken

French crepes are a well-known dish, but Austria has made their own take on the dish. The Austrian version is closer to the French crepes compared to the American pancakes and is even a little thicker than the French version. Palatschinken is a traditional dish served as lunch, they are either eaten as a main dish or dessert.

Germany is famous for Currywurst

Currywurst is a German fast food dish that is really popular in Berlin. The dish consists of steamed, then fried pork sausage, cut into bite-sized chunks, it can be seasoned in multiple ways but mainly curry ketchup(a sauce that contains spiced ketchup or tomato paste and topped with curry powder). It is really easy and simple to make, and if you are in a hurry you can replace with normal ketchup or use other homemade sauce.


The first “grill” may well have occurred in Africa, this is a mainland that can ostensibly profess to have created cooking. Be that as it may, African dishes – particularly those south of the Sahara – are still woefully under-spoke to on the world culinary scene. From the unassuming maize/grain porridges and root vegetables that structure the premise of such a large number of diets to excellent devouring dishes, for example, biryanis, tagines, stews, and sweet-smelling curries, Africa’s preferred nourishment offer something for each sense of taste.

South Africa is famous for Bunny chow

Bunny chow is often referred to simply as a bunny, is a South African fast Foods of the Sub-Continents dish that consists of a hollowed-out loaf of bread that is filled with curry. It originated among Indian South Africans of Durban

Namibia is famous for Namibian venison

Venison is the meat of game animals consumed all over Southern Africa. It is said that the best game meat comes from Namibia. Venison is low fat, full of flavor, and high in nutrients. It is rising in popularity, particularly ostrich, springbok, and gemsbok. Across Namibia, you will discover that traditionally all establishments serve braaivleis and potjiekos.

Mozambique is famous for Piri Piri chicken

Piri piri chiken(also called peri-peri or pili-pili) is a popular Mozambique dish. The sauce used in peri-peri is very popular in Mozambique, although it actually originated from Portuguese and is common to see in Portuguese colonies such as Namibia, South Africa, and Angola. It is a fiery red sauce made up of African bird-eyes chilies, vinegar, paprika, lemon juice, and other spices that takes the flavor of the chicken a notch higher.

South Africa is famous for Cape biryani

Cape Malay Food of the Sub-Continents is cuisine is a style of dishes that is steeped in history and preserved through ongoing traditions. Most of the cuisine are mild of spices and full-bodied flavors which are influenced by its overseas origins. It fuses traditions from Malaysian, Indonesian, and East African slaves. Although this dish is inspired by the Persian dish biryani which is popular in India and Pakistan.

Nigeria is famous for Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a common dish in West African dishes, eaten in the regions of Nigeria, Togo, Mali, Liberia, Gambia, Cameroun Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Ivory Coast. Every region has their own take on the dish. Nigerian Jollof rice is rich in flavor and incredibly tasty one-pot meal. It is a versatile dish that is made from scratch using rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, salt, onions, pimento peppers, scotch bonnet, and other spices.

Morocco is famous for Pastilla au pigeon

Pastilla is a classic Moroccan dish, it is a stuffed pastry also known as B’stilla or Bastilla. It is a rich sweet and savory Northern African pie-like dish that is traditionally made from squab. It can also be filled with chicken meat or an unusual mix of pigeons, cinnamon, eggs, dried fruit(almond mainly), saffron, eggs, and other spices. The Mix of ingredients is then filled in various layers of flaky dough. It is usually prepared for special events such as weddings, parties, or holidays.

Zanzibar is famous for biryanis and pilaus

Zanzibari cuisine is based on various regional influences. One of the most common recipes is the pilau, also known as pilaf. Pilaf reflects its Arab origin. It is made just like biryani difference being that it’s all cooked in one pot, unlike biryani which is cooked separately.

Egypt is famous for Koshari

Koshari is the staple Egyptian dish, it is considered the national dish of Egypt and is a very popular street dish. While Falafel and Ful are considered the breakfast dishes, Koshary is usually taken during lunch and mostly dinner. It is made by mixing chickpeas, pasta, fried onions, and zesty tomato sauce served on top of a bed of rice and brown lentils.


In North America, some of the mouthwatering Foods of the Sub-Continents that a traveler should eat, are mentioned below, which can be eaten in any season any time anywhere, in an extremely tasty manner?


A cupcake is a tiny baked one person cake in a thin paper mold or an aluminum cup. Their popularity is a result of the fact that they are baked quicker than larger cakes. The classic flavors are chocolate and vanilla, although there are other flavors such as espresso fudge, raspberry meringue, and many more.


Burrito is the most common Food of the Sub-Continents in the United States, there almost isn’t any corner where you cannot fine burrito. It is the most recognized staple of Mexican-American cuisine.

Macintosh and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese are also known as mac n cheese is one of the most cherished food in the US. Like most Us dishes it wasn’t invented in the Us, rather is originated in Italy.


Cheeseburger is an evolution of the famous hamburger, the only difference that separates them is the presence of a slice of cheese on top of the meat patty. Although the main preferred cheese to use is the American cheese, but Swiss, cheddar, and numerous blue cheeses can all be used. Although nowadays there are different variety of variations on the classic cheeseburger.


Brownie is a square or rectangular chocolate-baked confections. Brownie is originated from the Us and is considered as one of the favorite desserts. It is available in a variety of forms such as fudgy or cakey, depending on the preferences. They include nuts, frosting, cream cheese, chocolate chips, and other ingredients.


Doughnuts are one of the famous types of cake eaten in the Us. It is one of the most commonly eaten desserts in the Us. It is available in most bakeries and can also be found in Foods of the Sub-Continents stalls and supermarkets. Doughnut are usually eaten as breakfast. The most common times of doughnuts are the ring and filled doughnuts.

Sundae Dessert

Sundae is one of the most served ice cream-based desserts in the United States, along with banana split. It usually consists of one or more scoops of ice cream topped with syrup or a sauce and on some occasions other toppings such as marshmallows, peanuts, whipped cream, sprinkles, or other fruits.

South America

South America is named for its specialties in extremely delicious food, using the distinctive combinations of fresh ingredients and spices. Thus, mentioned some famous Foods of the Sub-Continents that travelers must try.

Peru is famous for Ceviche

Peru’s coast provides the largest varieties of seafood. If there was an official national dish that Peru would have, it would have been the ceviche. This dish is a favorite among the locals. Ceviche, also known as cebiche, is typically prepared from a raw fish cured in fresh citrus juice, usually, lemon or lime is preferred, and spiced, chili peppers, or other seasonings.

Venezuela is famous for Arepas

Arepa is a type of meal made of ground maize dough, originating from the northern region of South America. They are corn patties that are largely popular in both Venezuelan cuisine and Colombian. They can be stuffed with fillings or eaten alone, making them a very versatile choice with any meal.

Argentina is famous for Empanadas

Empanadas are hand-sized savory pies that are found all around South America. Every province has there own take on empanadas and so does Argentina. In Buenos Aires, empanadas are mostly filled with either grounded or minced beef, ham and cheese, chicken, or swiss chardofter prepared with a sauce called salsa Blanca.

Chile, Peru is famous for Pisco Sour

Pisco is the national beverage for both Chile and Peru, and both of them have there own take on the cocktails. Regardless of which region Pisco originated from both, Chile and Peru, the ingredients bear similarities and differences. In Chile, Pisco Sour is made using Chilean Pisco brandy, blended with the fresh juice of pica lime and sugar, and ice. Peruvian Pisco Sour uses Pisco from Peru and adds lime juice, simple syrup, ice, egg whites, and Angostura bitters.

Argentina is famous for Yerba Mate

Yerba mate also known as Paraguay tea or Brazilian tea is an herbal tea with loads of benefits. From being rich in nutrients to improving mental focus. It’s made from the leaves and twigs of the llex paraguariensis plant. The leaves are usually dried over a fire, then put into hot water to make the tea.

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Brazil is famous for Pastel

Pastel is a typical Brazilian fast-Foods of the Sub-Continents dish, consisting of a half-circle or rectangular shaped crust pies with fillings, fried in vegetable oil.he most common fillings are ground meat, mozzarella, catupiry, heart of palm, codfish, cream cheese, chicken and small shrimp. Pastéis with sweet fillings such as guava paste with Minas cheese, banana and chocolate also exist.

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