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Iran is known as the home to many of the oldest and earliest civilizations. Iran travel guide is ethnically and culturally diverse, with each region having its own traditions, customs, values, and even languages. Architecture in Iran is so enthralling for tourists, including ceilings of mosques, historical houses of Kashan, and beautifully tiled domes.

There is a huge number of an impalpable traditional heritage that is worthily noticeable for tourists. From magnificent mosques to elegant engineering achievements, Iran shows twenty-one UNESCO recognized world heritage sites scattered throughout the country.

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Parks are lavish throughout the country, even in the grand city Tehran which amazingly has a lot of green plots and spaces, which refreshes the tourist’s eye. Iran has an abundance of natural beauty. From beautiful green forests to breathtaking waterfalls to the perplexing island of Qeshm and stunning caves, the country’s landscape is as varied as its cultural diversity. Many historical shrines are present in Iraq, which makes it a holy place for the Muslims.

Iran Beginners Travel Guide

Best time to visit

Iran is a country with variable weather in it. The very season has its own charm and beauty, that attracts tourists and compels them to stay here for more days. Late November to February is too cold. The weather gets subfreezing in the western cities of the country. Many Iranian cultural festivals are celebrated in the winter season. Summer, in peak months such as July and August, is so hot. But the months of early summer are ideal for visiting Iran. So late March to June is the best time to explore Iran. Thousands of pilgrims visit the holy places in Iran travel guide each year in Islamic Months Muharram and Ramzan.


The official language of Iran is “Persian,” which is also known as Farsi. But in a few areas, many other languages also are spoken like Kurdish, Mazni and Luri, etc.


The official currency of Iran is “Rial”,  also called “Riyal e Iran”. Its code is IRR.

Banks and Atm

The availability of Banks and the Atm facility in Iran is easy. But currency should be used in Irani Riyal, and then tourists can use money in shopping malls or hotels. For sale and purchase, you can still use your Debit card. “Central Bank of Iran” serves as the country’s central pecuniary authority, and its atm is easily accessible by visitors and tourists.


Maintain a safety check in both situations, while packing your bag and during traveling. Important safety checks are, keep your travel documents; your Atm and passport should be safe. Keep ponder over your health conditions. Use lotions, sunscreen, etc., while you are visiting Iran in summer. Take care of your belongings while visiting favorite spots.

Top 10 places to visit:

1) Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran. It represents modern Iran. This city contains lots of historical monuments as well as a dazzling skyline. A large number of museums attract tourists to explore Irani culture. The hip café scene is available to chill in the evening. Tochal and Darband are two interesting places to visit. Both of them are embellished with natural beauty and provide a quiet space for tourists besides the city’s hustle and bustle. Golestan Palace and the National Museum of Iran are interesting places for tourists.

2) Tabriz

Famous for its booming bazaar, affluent in Azeri culture. Tabriz contains the historical heritage, and according to the Bible, it is situated at the gates of paradise. This city is famous for its teahouse hammams and beautiful handmade carpets. The weather in the city is always pleasant, and its availability of transport is also a highlight. Blue Mosque, Shah Goli, and the Museum of Azerbaijan are attractive places for tourists.

3) Isfahan

Isfahan is considered as the living museum of conventional culture. The old Islamic buildings with beautiful Persian gardens make this city a captivating place for tourists. The most highlighted place of this city is the “picture-postcard bridge”. Ali Qapu Palace, Naqsh -e-Jahan Square, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque are appealing destinations for tourists. It’s also a good place for tourists to buy handicrafts.

4) Shiraz

Shiraz was the old capital of Iran. It was popular for its vineyard in earlier times and is still famous for its wine and poetry. For a savant, it’s the best place to spend time here. This city contains the Vakil Mosque, Nazar Garden, and Tomb of Hafez is alluring destinations. You must visit a city full of love with your partner if you are in Iran.

5) Mashad

The list of places you visit in Iran is incomplete without a visit to Mashad. It is the second-largest city in the country and is known as the holiest city. Mashad is known for its best quality in Carpets and saffron. Imam Reza shrine, Golden arch, and Baba Ghordat Tourist Complex are enchanting destinations for tourists.

6) Yazd

Walk along the twisting lanes praising the beauty of the mud and brick houses in Yazd, an enchanting place to visit in Iran. The city has its elegance and charm. Yazd Atashkasdeh, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and Dowlat Abad are interesting places to visit. This casual city invites everyone to explore the perplexity of its lanes.

7) Kashan

Kashan is a beautiful city, which is also known as an architectural gem. It was founded almost eight thousand years ago and is the most visited spot by tourists due to its historical houses. Kashan Bazar, Fin gardens, and the historical houses of Abbasi, Borujerdi, and Tabatabaei are all wonderful places to visit.         

8) Ahvaz

Ahvaz is a city famously known as the city of bridges. The city is rich with traditional diversity and is also famous for its kind-hearted people. The winters are mild in Ahvaz, which makes it the best time to visit Ahvaz. Chahar Shir square, Karun river, Ahvaz waterfall, and black and white bridges are alluring spots to visit.                      

9) Qom

Qom is the historical and religious center for Shia’s of the Islamic world. Here is the shrine of “Fatema Ma’suma”. Her tomb is a beautiful gold-domed shrine, and thousands of pilgrims visit it every year. This city is more significant because of the Islamic revolution as this town was selected as a seat for Ayatollah Khomeini. Almost 400 saints and 10 kings are buried here. So, this place is full of tombs and captivates the tourists to visit it.

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10) Sari

Sari is a small town covered with lush green gardens and interesting caves. This city is noted for its orange groves and its natural spring “the Badab Sourt”. There are many attractive places in Sari, such as the Clock Tower present in Clock Square. A huge number of historical tombs are an appealing spot for tourists. Due to its verdant landscape and pleasant weather, this place is worth visiting.


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