Italy Vs Spain Travel (Which is Better and Why?)

Italy vs Spain travel, which destination is better than the other to spend your precious vacations.

Are you planning to spend your vacations in Europe? You might be aware that the two most popular holiday destinations in Europe are Spain and Italy.

Both countries have their historical heritages, finger-licking food, welcoming culture, huge shopping malls, perfect vacation spots, and pleasant weather. doesn’t this sound perfect? No doubt, a perfect holiday destination should have all of this, however, if you have got limited days and you have to choose between Italy and Spain, then you might get confused about which country you should visit from both Italy and Spain.

Well, while planning a tour to any country, you have to keep certain things in mind, for example;

  • Your budget
  • Travel cost 
  • Number of days you have got
  • The weather and beauty of the holiday destination
  • Cost of food
  • Cost of Hotel /Resort stay 
  • Personal preferences

So, to find out that Spain or Italy, which is better to visit, let’s discuss based on these parameters.

Italy vs Spain Travel cost

Is Italy more expensive than Spain? Yes! That’s true, Italy is a bit more expensive than Spain in terms of accommodation and dining. The cuisine and hotel stay across Spain are more budget-friendly as compared to that across Italy. But, if you are conscious about the taste and presentation of the cuisine, you should definitely opt for Italy. No doubt Italian food is famous worldwide, but Spanish food is underrated.

The cost of transportation like train or bus tickets are somewhat similar, however, if you are planning to drive your own car then it will cost you a bit more in Italy.

Is Italy more beautiful than Spain?

While choosing a holiday destination between these two options, you might be questioning that is Italy more beautiful than Spain? Or would Spain be a perfect holiday destination?

Both the places have the same climate or weather conditions since they are situated side by side; however, each of them has its own historical and cultural heritage, different vacation spots, cuisines, and distinct sights of attraction.

If we talk about beaches, then Spain has got more beaches as compared to all the European countries. Even the tours to the cities like Barcelona in Spain are so fascinating that you won’t ever want the tour to end.

On the other hand, Italy is known worldwide for its architectural treasures, and its rich history, and its relation to the ancient Roman empire. The museums and art galleries, plus the natural beauty of cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, etc., are something out of the world.

No doubt, Italy has beautiful scenery, the beautiful lake in the north district, the islands of Scilly and Sardinia, and the mountain range of Dolomite make Italy a much more beautiful place to visit as compared to Spain.

In short, the main attraction of Spain is the fun-filled and cheerful festivals and the sparkling nightlife. Whereas in the case of Italy, the main attractions are the historical museums and architecture.

Italy vs Spain in terms of shopping

Both the countries have a wide range of shopping destinations, from town squares to sophisticated luxury malls. However, when we compare the costs of shopping in Italy and Spain, then it would be a bit more expensive to shop across Italy.

In terms of handicrafts, the most popular ones are leather products, headgear, caps, and T-shirts in the case of Spain. However, if you are looking for exquisite products like shoes, jewelry, etc., then Italy would be the best place for you.

Italy vs Spain in terms of Transportation

Italy doesn’t have a very good public transport system, however, in Spain, you can find different means of transportation like bus, rail network from one place to another, however, if you plan to drive your own car or bike through Italy then it would definitely cost you much more than in the case of Spain.

Spain has an excellent train network, whereas Italy doesn’t have many railway lines as compared to its neighboring country France. If you are planning to visit the city of Pompeii which is just 3 hours away from Naples, then you have got to take a bus directly departing from the city of Naples.

Spain or Italy which is better to live in?

Well, this question is totally dependent on what you exactly want from your holiday destination. If you are much interested in nightlife and the beaches, then Spain is definitely a better option for you, however, Italy offers history, cultural heritage, architecture, and amazing food.

In short, Italy is a better option if you are looking forward to the historical side of it as compared to Spain. But if you are a foodie and love to eat tasty dishes, then Italy would be a better choice for you since Italian cuisine is world-famous for its varieties of pasta, pizzas, and desserts.

In a nutshell, if you are someone who wants to enjoy his or her holiday spiritually and explore the historical side of it, then Italy would be a better choice than Spain. However, if you are much interested in beaches, then Spain would be a better option for you.

Personal Preferences

Well, if you are into football and are a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, then nothing can stop you from visiting Italy, the place he belongs to. Similarly, Messi fans would love to visit Spain, his home country.

So the answer to that question which is better among Spain and Italy depends on your personal preferences, such as what you like to explore, whether historical places or beaches, etc.

It is true, you might be more interested in touring one place as compared to the other on the basis of your likings and personal preferences. No doubt, both Spain and Italy are beautiful places to explore and celebrate your vacation.

When looking forward to spending holidays in either Spain or Italy, keep in mind your center of attraction and your budget. Spain tends to be cheaper as compared to Italy; however, it is larger and has more variety of activities to offer, it has more beaches and a lively nightlife. Italy, on the other hand, has the most popular and scrumptious cuisine, museums, natural beauty, mind-blowing architecture, and vacation spots that are worth visiting.

We hope that with this article we were able to answer your question on which is better among Spain and Italy.

Happy traveling!

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