Morocco Travel Guide | Best Places To Visit & Travel Advice

Morocco travel guide consists of many cultures, such as Arabian culture, European culture, and African culture. The enchanting blend of history, music, food, art, and architecture assemble Morocco an unforgettable spot to enjoy.

The ever dazzling views of markets and malls in the old Medinas, the spectacular historical memorials, the genial people, the vast and remarkable Atlas Mountains which are capped by snow, the never terminating warm and stormy Atlantic ocean shoreline, and the majestic Sahara Desert eminent for many movies as a location for shooting, are just a few of the country’s native and cultural belles that never stall to leave a persisting impression.

Morocco Beginners Travel Guide

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Best time to travel

For many visitors, Morocco’s weather is the only to look for when deciding the best time to travel. The weather can be extremely hot during the peak months of summer, specifically in Morocco’s southwest, in Marrakesh and Fez during the peak months of summer.

Shoreline destinations like Essaouira, Tangier, and Rabat are more pleasant choices to visit in the summer and autumn season of the year. Oukaïmeden is located south of Marrakesh and it’s a good place for ski.

April to May

During this time the crowd is lighter because of the extremely dry weather. But in these months the festival of Gnaoua is held so people come from many places to enjoy the colors of this festival.

September to November

In these months the international film festival starts in Marrakesh. The weather gets cool and the beauty of distinctive places gets highlighted.


Arabic is a native language that is officially spoken all over Morocco. The Arabic language got a specific prestige in its traditional and Modern Standard Forms in Morocco, and with time, French also serves as another famous language as now almost 34% Moroccans speak French.


Like many other Islamic countries’ “dirham” is the official currency of Morocco. Its sign is DH while the code is written as MAD.

Bank and ATM

While traveling in Morocco you can use the Bank and Atm at any place while shopping or in restaurants. You can use the famous bank in Morocco like Attjariwafa Bank or like BMCE, other international banks which are also working there like Société Générale Maroc or Citibank Morocco.


Morocco is a safe and pleasant country. You can easily travel within the country without any problem or danger. But when you plan to visit Morocco, you must notice the things you have to pack like your daily essentials and take dresses according to your visiting season. Take care of your belongings such as your passport, tickets, and Atm during the trip and sightseeing in Morocco.

Top 10 Places of Morocco

Meknes (Medina of Ninth Century)

Meknes is considered as the best place in Morocco to visit. It is always at the top of the list for its magnificence despite its old architecture. Meknes is located in the north of the country. While you visit Meknes, you might feel that it’s not beautiful like other Morocco cities. Still, there are many historical places and a royal palace that is ideal for visiting and knowing about their culture.


At the North Atlantic shoreline of Morocco, the Asilah is situated. The Asilah seaside is popular among the citizens and visitors as the best spot in the hot summer. Aside from the sandy beaches, the city walls are covered in colorful stripes and decorated with colorful panels that make this city a beautiful place in Morocco to visit. This is the reason that many honeymoon couple keeps this city on their bucket list.

High Atlas

This is known as the highest mountain range in North Africa. This is also known as the mountain of all mountains and is so popular. Trekkers considered this place as their paradise, especially in the spring season. This place is extremely breathtaking. When visiting that place, do not forget to have your hiking shoes and set off on a beautiful journey that you will keep remembering throughout your life.


In Morocco travel guide, the most tourist attraction place in Essaouira. This great city takes you away from the heat and the dullness of the busy city lifestyle. This is a famous place because here, Games of Thrones were shot. The popularity of this seaside is also because of the favorite beach to hang out with for many celebrities like Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Do not miss the most awesome beach festivals in Gnaoua.


In the north of the mountains of the atlas, the Marrakech is located. This is a scurry city with a large medina, one of the famous tourist attractions in Morocco. There is the central square of Djemma El-Fna and the El Badi Palace, having the bustling malls or markets, there is a lot to visit and enjoy here. In fact, besides Agadir, Marrakech is considered the safest city in Morocco to visit. Marrakesh is surely a charming place to visit.

Sahar Dessert

While you are in Morocco, you must visit this Desert. Watch out for the beautiful sunset over the hillocks to the bright and shining stars in the sky at night; every adventure in the desert is enchanting and impressive. Must keep a few days to visit the Sahar Desert as it is one of the finest spots to visit in Morocco.


Rabat is placed at the seaside. It is the capital of the country and the top tourist attraction place in Morocco. This city’s popularity is because the weather of this city remains beautiful throughout the year and there exits the charming beaches. Rabat is among the superb places in Morocco. Rabat having a new portion consisting of huge boulevards and beautiful outdoor cafes and having old Medina, which has ramparted walls.


The weather of Casablanca is unpredictable sometimes compare to other cities of Morocco. It is the greatest place to visit and an ideal depiction of modernity. The city has stunning buildings that conflate the French colonial design, with the traditional style of Morocco is the best thing to appreciate here. This place is also famous for its architecture and awesome food, which makes this place premier.

Ait Ben Haddou

Kasar Ait Ben Haddou is an old village consisting of several homes built on the hillside. This place is considered as beautiful because of these views which you have ever seen. The blockbuster Hollywood movie “Gladiator” was shot at that place, so make it more significant. So you must visit that village while you go to Morocco.

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Chefchaouen is so famous because it is a blue city. It having a huge landscape in a small town. This is a popular city to travel solo and explore the beautiful blue and white decorated and painted houses. The citizens are very friendly, and you will get to know about their sweet hospitality and enjoy this attractive place in Morocco. There is a fascinating place, the Ras El Maa, do not forget to check this out.

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