If you are anything like me then you too probably can’t get started without a cup of coffee or tea, but when you are traveling that may prove to be somewhat difficult. Where can I get a travel kettle? Is it clean? How can I get a cup of coffee?

Well, this may be problematic for those traveling out in nature like, on a hiking trip or camping outside, you can’t just find a cafe in the woods or mountains. This is where a kettle can prove to be useful. 

Seasoned travelers know that investing in a kettle isn’t a bad deal at all. It is a good way for a steady supply of hot water whenever and wherever you go.

You never know when it might be useful, even if it is something as simple as soaking your feet with warm water after a long day of exploration. 

Lastly, bringing your own kettle can prevent you from catching diseases. You never know if the kettle you are sharing with someone is not contaminated, so just to be safe the best thing is to bring your own kettle on the journey. 

How to Buy The Best Travel Kettle?

Now you probably didn’t expect choosing a kettle would be so much work. But don’t worry we’ve listed the most important features you should focus on when picking a portable travel kettle for your vacation.

Weight and Capacity

This is easily the most important factor when selecting a kettle. Most travel kettle weigh around 0.5kg up to almost 2kg and while the lighter ones may be more portable and easy to carry, they would have a small capacity.

Lightweight kettle usually has a capacity of 0.5 liters but some can hold up to a full liter as well. So you should get kettles that can boil water for at least over a cup of coffee or tea but if you do go for a higher capacity try to keep the weight under the 1 kg mark otherwise it will be a hassle to carry.

Boiling time

The biggest difference between a normal kettle and a travel kettle is mostly its boiling speed. Now you don’t want to be waiting around too long for your water to boil. So you need a kettle that can get your water up to boil for around 5 minutes considering the size and the features of the kettle.


Need a late cup of coffee to give you a boost of energy? The last thing you would want is to hear your kettle make a racket in the middle of the night. Rather than going through the unbearable noise of some electric kettles, it would be better to go for ones that can quietly boil to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Here we have picked out the 5 best travel electric kettle for you to take on your journey.

Top 5 Best Travel Kettle For Your Next Trip | Buyer Guide + Review

 1. Brentwood Collapsible Travel Kettle

Collapsible Travel Kettle

This is a collapsible kettle that features a body that is made of silicon. If you are anything like me you probably haven’t used a collapsible kettle rather the ones built of metal.

But don’t be scared of the fact that what matters is the quality of the electric kettle and its capacity. 

Don’t let it fool you, it has a clever shape that allows the various levels to coil in the base making it easy to carry on your trips without taking too much space. The base of the kettle is thicker than most kettles and the base is solid as it houses the electrical elements.

When folded down the kettle measures a circumference of 15 in, a diameter of 5” and a height of 4”. It also weighs 1.25 pounds. The advantage of this model is that it ends up getting a bit bigger when extended and because of this it holds a larger capacity than most other travel kettles, making it one of the best travel electric kettles.  

I should mention that this is a dual-voltage travel kettle. This means that you should be able to travel with the kettle overseas and plug it in using only an adapter.

Since trying to maintain the compact size of the collapsible kettle some sacrifices were made in features. Like, you can not program the temperature. Instead, once it is turned on the kettle will boil and automatically turn off.

However, you can stop the heating midway if you don’t want the fluid to be too hot. This feature may sound silly but a lot of kettles don’t have a button to turn off the heater. It takes around 3.5 minutes to come to near-boil and 5.5 to reach its top temperature. 

2. Spardar 12V Car Kettle

Car Travel Kettle

Spardar 12V is one of the best travel kettle for cars. It has a long and sleek design. It comes with a charging port adapter that you can plug into your car as you travel out to either work or go on a long drive. If you purchase it and it happens to not be suitable for your car model don’t worry.

Spardar provides a 2 month unreasonable return and a 4 year warranty. It is a great kettle for a journey in your car but it is handy for outdoor travels like camping as well. Spardar 12V car kettle is an ideal gift for your loved ones regardless if they are workers, drivers, or outdoor lovers.

Spardar 12V kettle houses approximately 12z of water or 348 ml. It weighs about 656g and its dimensions are 8cm x 8cm x 26 cm.

Spardar has a double layered stainless and a vacuum insulated silicone surface to prevent your hands from burning. It is strongly built and has a scratch proof design. There is a rubber lid at the top preventing water leakage when turned upside down. 

It has adjustable heating with an LCD temperature Display, you can heat the water according to how you want it. The temperature is set to degrees Celsius. The default holding temperature is between 60 to 65 °C.

Water takes around 16-20 minutes to reach boiling point. You can make tea, coffee, noodles, brew baby milk, or even boil eggs in it. 

3. Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle

Travel Kettle

The Bodum travel kettle is one of the best kettles out there. It may not be a foldable kettle but at 7 inches tall it doesn’t take up too much space.

One of the cool features of this kettle is that it has a detachable base and a fixed lid. There is a button on the handle that makes the lid pop open and it locks back in place. Being fixed is useful as you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Another nice thing Bodum provides us is that it has a filter for your convenience. 

Bodum has provided an indicator of how much water is in the kettle.  The capacity of the kettle is 500ml. It takes approximately 4 minutes for the water to boil and heating will automatically turn off once the water is ready.

They also gave a manual switch to override it, should you wish to use the water before it has boiled. 

4. Bonavita Mini Kettle

Mini Travel Kettle

Bonavita mini travel electric kettle is one of the best Bonavita travel kettles or in general mini kettles out there.

It has a stainless steel body and is quite durable, a good choice for those who aren’t careful with their items. It is easy to carry around and is pretty lightweight. Comes with only two pieces: the kettle itself and a removable lid. The lid is made of plastic, it is easy to remove and put it back on the kettle.

This is great for on the go long drives, business travels, or a nice vacation. 

The kettle is itty bitty in size but has a 900-watt heating element, so it is quite quick. It takes approximately 4 minutes to boil the water, which is pretty good, and it has a capacity of 0.5 liters.

It is a simple kettle built for making a cup of coffee or tea quickly when you are outdoors. 

5. Ovente KS22S Electric Kettle

Electric Travel Kettle

Getting the Ovente KS22S is the way to travel, whether you go with family or friends.  It has a stainless steel body with a plastic lid. The kettle is lightweight, weighing around 1.5 lbs, with dimensions of 7. 5 x 8 x 6 inches and it has a retractable cord for easy storage.

It is a pretty good option if you are looking for something compact. It also has a cool-to-touch handle to prevent you from getting burned.  

This travel kettle has the capacity to boil around 1.2 liters of water, and it can boil it in just minutes. The Ovente KS22S also has the feature to automatically switch off the heating once the water boils, which increases safety and convenience.

In addition to that it also has a boil-dry protection feature which prevents the heating from working when there is no water.  

You don’t have to worry about contamination as water in this kettle doesn’t come in contact with BPA particles. It’s also very easy to clean. It’s one downside is that some users reported that the lid of this kettle gets stuck from time to time.

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