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Turkey is a beautiful country. It is a blend of eastern and western cultures. It consists of many beautiful and ancient mosques It is surrounded by water from three sides, and turkey is famous for its most beautiful coasts. With fresh and clear water, fanciful beaches, charming fishing villages, the coast of Turkey travel guide is the most immaculate coast of the world. The interior of Turkey has the most interesting site such as in Cappadocia. Fairy chimneys made of sandstone are so stunning that highlighted Turkey for tourists. Turkey is famous among tourists because of its delicious food. It is popular because of its friendly people who welcome you by heart. Turkey is covered by ancient architectural ruins. You can gaze at the ancient ruins in Ephesus and the ruins of Dalyan and Troy. Turkey captivates the tourists with a fantastic modern building in Trabzon, Istanbul, and Cappadocia. Any travel guide from the world must put the turkey in their list on the top of tourists.

Turkey Travel Guide For Beginners

Best time to visit

The months included April and May and October is so pleasant. So, these months are best to visit the Turkish grand variety of ancient sites. The summer months like June to September are extremely hot, and visiting sites in these will be uncomfortable. So, in these months you can spend a lavish time at beaches and pools. The Winter season starts from late October and remains till early march, the best time to reveal the beauty of turkey as well as to explore amazing spots and historical places of Turkey. At the end of October, the international festival of wine celebrated in Cappadocia. The snowy landscape of Cappadocia makes it attractive in the winter season.

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The official language of Turkey is “Turkish”. This official language is spoken by almost 91% of the Turkish population. While 6% of the Turkish community speak the other minority languages such as Kurdish and English.


The official currency declared by the Turkish authority is “Turkish Lira”. Its code is TRY.

Banks and Atm

The central bank of the Republic of Turkey is the most common and easily accessible. You can access the Atm facility of the above-mentioned bank in any shopping mall and market. It is compulsory to use Turkish Lira for any sale and purchase at souk or restaurants or hotspots. But in case of the unavailability of cash, you can also use your debit card.


Turkish is a safe country, but take care of your luggage and bags. Take some safety measurements such as take care while doing bag packs for traveling, take care of the selection of dresses according to Turkish weather. Look after your belongings during traveling such as travel documents, Debit cards, and Atm card, etc. keep ponder over your health conditions. Make sure to keep lotion, sunscreen in your handbag.

Top 10 Places to Visit:


Often obscured by Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey is Ankara. It is filled with different traditions, markets, and steep highways. There are many historic museums and Ankara castle to explore and enjoy. Now Roman baths are also added as an extension in Ankara. You can get the feeling of the 3rd century by walking in this open-air museum. By getting high above in the Atakule tower, you can admire the views of the city. Must visit the green area of Genclik Park and have a look at miniature trains and the Ferris wheel.


In summer you can enjoy the beaches while in winter can be enjoyed by skiing in the mountains. Ancient ruins and beautiful waterfalls amazed the tourists. Go out for visiting the souks which are scattered in these twisting streets. Tourists enjoy the coastal walk from Antalya port to the beach of Konyaalti. Here at a dedicated club on the beach attract the tourists for a view of Turkish rays. Boat trip to explore wonderful waterfalls and cable ride in mountains compels the tourists to admire about its stunning landscape.


On the coastal Aegean region of the country, Bodrum is present and is known as a bustling town. Walkthrough the back street, appreciate the street art, blue framed windows, and varieties of plants. Enjoy Turkish tea and shopping in Bodrum Bazar. The history of Bodrum castle and the blue waters view fascinate the tourists. Over the hills, ruins of seven wooden windmills can be seen. Be sure to appreciate the accompanying comprehensive view about Bodrum. Crystal clear coastline is famous for its annual sailing competition. Diving at this beautiful coastline and swim to quite islands captivates the tourists to this place.


this beautiful town on seaport is well worth a visit. It is full of eccentric shops, delicious food, and many seafront bars. Canakkale is known for the perfect fusion of small city life and history. To reach the ancient city a local Dolmuses can be used. The first replica of the Trojan Horse lies here. Explore the preserve spots of the ancient city by spending a morning and in the evening enjoy the waterside markets. The view of the sunset from Kilitbahir Castle mesmerizes the tourists.


Cappadocia is known for its significant rock formations. Small earthquakes, repeated volcanic eruptions, and years of sedimentation formed cone-shaped chimneys which are referred to as “Fairy Chimneys”. The sky is filled with colored balloons at every sunrise and this fantasy experience can be seen from every rooftop and every hill point around that area. A tour to Turkey is incomplete without visiting Cappadocia.


It is known as a historic town and is surrounded by sandy beaches of white color. A mesmerizing fortress and castle are present in this old town. It is a great place to go through the local atmosphere and to enjoy good food. At Lica beach, enjoy swimming in blue-green waters and between your toes feel the sand. Boat trips to the nearby islands could be so adventures for tourists.


In ancient times, Ephesus was a Trade Centre. Visit the amazingly preserved ruins of many temples, hippodromes,s and many historic gates. One of seven wonders of the world “Temple of Artemis” is present in Ephesus. This splendid preserved temple is an attractive spot for tourists.


Izmir is loaded with spots to enjoy Turkish tea, street markets, and fresh air coming from the sea. Kermeralti is a rushy market area where locals and tourists visit. The beautiful clock tower and Konak square appeal to the tourists. In Izmir, Konak Pier is a great place known for drinks food, and beautiful view. There are also many historic sites which must not be missed by tourists.


It is known as a natural “cotton castle” where water rich with minerals dribble down the white mountains to form a fantastic blue-filled promenade. To explore the Hierapolis, climb up the hills. It is convincible one of the good preserved and most breathtaking amphitheaters in Turkey and tourists must visit it.            

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Istanbul is worth visiting the city. Istanbul is full of impressive rooftop restaurants, splendid bars, and beautiful mosques. Taste the good food, local teas, and spices in the market. In the Blue mosque of 17th-century tourists observe the culture and architecture. A most visited place by tourists is Hagia Sophia that was built as a cathedral but now serving as a mosque. Istanbul is segregated by Bosphorus Strait which separates the Asian side from the European side.

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