In the tourism industry, some travel terms can be a little bit confusing for tourists. For instance, FIT and GIT in tourism are such travel terms that people are mostly confused about. It is important to understand what FIT and GIT in tourism mean to avoid any future problems during your travel.

FIT (free independent traveler) definition:

FIT in tourism is an acronym for Free Independent Travelers. They are people who travel independently without being a part of any tour group. This type of tourism offers travelers an opportunity to travel on their own. As a free independent traveler, you travel without a tour operator and choose your accommodation, transportation, and other parts of your trip. You might take an organized package tour, but it is just you – not a group.

Examples of FIT Tour – Some examples of free independent travel are trekking, backpacking, bicycling, camping tourism, motorcycle touring, yacht traveling, etc.

GIT (Group Inclusive Tour) definition:

In GIT, you join other tourists for a Group Inclusive Tour and don’t have to worry about your accommodation, transportation, and other parts of your trip. A group of a minimum of 10 people travels together. These people can be related or non-related and usually book on the same travel arrangements. The group size is not defined by the number of travelers but by the size of accommodation reserved.

An important condition is that some people are responsible for the whole group, so it is possible to determine who will be the guide and travel organizer.

Examples of GIT Tour – Some examples of GIT are family tours, group tours to a monastery or a sightseeing place, etc.

FIT and GIT in the Tourism – Detailed Guide

FIT and GIT in the tour packages

When you book a tour package, you should know what FIT and GIT mean. FIT is not defined in the package, which means that you will be traveling on your own. You are responsible for arranging all your travel arrangements – you will have to make reservations yourself. If you choose FIT, it also means that there are no refunds for any missed flights or accommodation bookings.

GIT is called a group inclusive tour, which means that you will travel with other tourists. When it comes to GIT, many different companies offer completely different conditions. The tour can be booked by 20 people or 50 people – the company decides how big the group should be. There is usually one organizing person in charge of the group size. This person has to ensure that all members are properly booked.


Actually, it depends on your travel style. If you are not the type of person who is happy to travel with other tourists, FIT is perfect. However, if you don’t mind traveling with other people and you want everything to be arranged for you, GIT is the best choice.

Difference Between a FIT and GIT Package Tour

FIT and GIT package tours are different from many points of view, but the main difference comes from the number of people on a group tour.

Here are some main differences:

FIT Package:

  • This is suitable for a small number of people like couples or friends.
  • You have to be a free independent traveler who has the experience of traveling alone in different countries.
  • This is more secure and reliable for international travelers because all attention will be paid by the operator.
  • You will be provided with better accommodation and food facilities since there are fewer people in the group. This means you won’t have to share your room, dinner table or bathroom with other guests.
  • You also get one carrier instead of sharing it among many members of the group.
  • It also costs more than the GIT package.

GIT Package:

  • This is suitable for a large number of people like family or students / young people who are looking for adventure at a lower cost.
  • You will have to share your room with other guests, dinner table, tour carrier etc. Plus, you also do not have much freedom as you are not a free independent traveler.
  • You can get more facilities at a cheap rate than FIT Package tours.
  • You will have to share your tour carrier with other people in the group.
  • The rate depends on the size of the group.
  • It is more suitable for families, and students who want to have fun with other members of the group.

Is There Any Other Type Of Tour Package In Tourism?

Yes, besides FIT and GIT, there is also IIT(Independent inclusive tour), which is also quite popular in tourism industry.

What is IIT in Tourism?

IIT or Independent inclusive tours are private tours that you can customize as per your desire. You have the freedom to pick and select from a range of options. You can use this option to visit more places at your own pace and interest and you make the schedule as per what you want and when and where you want to go.

The basic idea of IIT is that not all travelers want the same things on a trip. Some want to go shopping; some want to see museums, art galleries, etc. So it is better to have a separate tour for each individual interest.

IITs are considered the best option for someone who is traveling alone. This way, you can choose your own pace, itinerary, and places to visit.

IIT is more costly than group tours because you are not traveling with too many people, and they give you the flexibility and personal attention that you won’t get on a GIT.


Now the question arises of which one to choose between these packages. It all depends on the preference and individual needs. It is a matter of personal choice which type of travel package you want to go with. All three offer varying degrees of service, from budget-friendly to luxurious, depending on what your traveling needs are.

FIT is more suitable for individual travelers. GIT is perfect for groups and families or a large number of people. So to know which one to choose, you need to consider your requirements and also your budget.

Hope this article has given you a better idea about FIT and GIT types of tours.

Happy travels!

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